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About Us

Howie Asian Market Consulting was set up by Howard Chen in 2010.
There were several companies in China that want to bring their operation and products to the American market. Meanwhile Howard was involved in exporting US based technology to Asia. A business entity was created to serve the clients.

Following is a list of Howard Chen's experience and achievements:
• Acquire and manage B2B accounts like Boeing, General Dynamics, US Army, Amax, MaxVision, Harris, FFV, Alcatel-Lucent, Bally, and other smaller accounts. Inquire about their projects and provide solutions to their needs.
• Successfully acquire and manage account in major channel distributors – Ingram Micro, D&H, Amazon, Tiger Direct, AAFS, and Computer Renaissance. I can get your products into these channels.
• Attend Marketing symposiums offer by various distributors. Evaluate and determine which marketing program is most effective for the products. Negotiate the best deal for the company. Supervise and evaluate the ROI on various marketing programs.
• Attend international trade shows, using Alibaba.com and other internet resources, and visit factory sites in China and Taiwan to source and negotiate the best prices to manufacture the company products.
• Work with Cisco, HP, VMware, and APC’s various promotional programs and sales teams as VAR’s account manager and get competitive pricing to the end customers.
• Create and manage internet store front – Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and corporate websites. We can help you sell more through the use of internet.
• Software Sales – Gaming, Edutainment, Asian Spec., and B2B applications. I know the software channels as well.
• IC/Firmware Sales – h (Sigmatel), GMI (Actions Semi), MusicIP firmware, AITech IC. We have worked with major IC distributors and sell firmware to semiconductor companies. • PC hardware and peripherals Sales and Marketing – Video converter, PC casing, power supply, USB based, network computing, and others. I have sold them all.
• Retail Sales – ’s Hi-Tech Games. 9 years of face to face sales and customer services.
• International Sales – Dooga (Japan), Twinhan (Taiwan), 10Moon (China), Musical (HK), Shiro (Singapore), Telechips (Korea), Hawkeyes (Thailand), and many others. I have trade experience with many Asian companies.
• Major trade shows – CES, E3, EHX, CTIA, Anime Expo, and many others. I have setup and managed the show booths and have attended for business development purpose.
• Leading the Sales and Marketing team – MusicIP, AITech, and Howie’s. I have managed teams from 6 to over 10 people.

You can download Howard Chen Resume here:
Howard J Chen resume in English & 陳家華 履历表 (Chinese version).
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