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Ritek USA,
California based Advanced Media, Inc., is an independent subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world's largest optical media manufacturer. Advanced Media is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of its RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media as well as other types of electronic storage and digital media accessories. Its superior supply-chain management provides customers fast and efficient service.
Ritek is also the leader in Solar Panel manufacturing. The most efficient Polycrystalline panel PM220 is available now.  The first CIGS panel will be available soon.

Shanghai Libao Cyber-Tech is a leader in 360 degree panorama photography cameras, camera base, and other peripherials.


Dalian Furao Enterprise Group is a leader in organic herbal health food extracts in China.

Howie's Hi-Tech Games is a retail store chain for imported Asian video games and peripherals in Northern California.

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