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E-filming Digital Drive Panorama Base PS-30B

Product introduction



Digital camera and photography software makes Panorama, Spherical, and 3D rotation photograph and presentation possible by stitching several digital pictures together. In order to achieve them, a level platform, and camera rotation are required. Most current panorama camera adaptors are manually driven and operate more like scientific instruments. Photographers have to move the camera slowly and manually and try to match all the rulers and bearings in the process. It was a rather difficult process which only the experienced photographers can do it with good results. Not to mention the adaptors are quite expensive and could break easily.


Shanghai Libao Cyber-Tech Company is the leading producer of Panorama photography equipment in China. E-filming is their product brand name. This new series of Digital Drive Panorama Camera Base is the accumulation of years of experience, R&D, and customer feedbacks. This fairly affordable product will make it very easy and popularize the panorama, Spherical, and 3D rotation photography. There is no product quite like this in the world.


The setup of the panorama camera base is very easy and picture taking is quick and automatic. With the included “Cool Stitch” and “3D Maker” software, almost anyone can enjoy their own creation of Panorama, Spherical, and 3D rotation photographs in minutes. It is fun, fun, fun extra dimension photography for all. Of course, for the serious photographers and professionals who need professional grade photo processing, there are several professional grade photo software commercially available to get even more stunning effects while using the same hardware.


The application for this product is endless. Here are some suggestions:

1.     Ultra detailed giga-pixel panorama images.

2.     Product 3D rotational display on the internet for better product presentation.

3.     Real estate room showcase.

4.     Weddings, parties, and major events atmosphere photography.

5.     Custom automobile, boats, aircraft, and other transportation interior showcase.

6.     Electronic mapping.

7.     Vacation spot super panorama photos.

8.     I am sure you and/or customers will think of tons of other application and tell us about it.


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Here is a 3D rotation demonstration files achieved by using the efilming Panorama Camera Base.

Click Here to check it out online, or Download then check it out by clicking here.


Here is another better more details 3D demo, but much bigger files. Use it if you have a fast internet connection.

Click Here to check it out, or you can download the large file and check it out on your computer by clicking here.


Here is an update for the 3DMaker for Windows software. If your software file date is before 10/24/2010, Click here to download it.

3DMaker software needs JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to create the correct file. It is a free download from SUN Microsystems / Oracle:


Click on “Download JRE” and follow the simple instruction to install JRE and the 3DMaker should run fine.


Here is a video introduction of the Libao efilming Panorama Camera Base. It is about 10 minutes.

Click Here to see it.


There is a link from LA Times. This shows the kind of stunning panorama pictures and effects can be achieved with the Panorama Camera Base and the correct software.



Contact me for more details on this kind of fun or professional panorama photography.


Here is a product review page by Amateur Photographer Magazine. Click Here.


Howie Asian Market Consulting is the importer, one stop warranty repair, import shipping logistics, and any problem and solution go to place for the product.


You can BUY IT NOW from Amazon.com. It is on sale until Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 for $399.99 only. Due to contractual limitations, the price will have to go up again soon. Here is the link:



We have a distributor for the USA market. This product is available in many retailers now. Please contact me if you need more information on Wholesale or Retail places in the USA market.

Click Here to download the product specification and brochure.