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Howie Asian Market Consulting is very experienced in bring in original and OEM products from Asia to the American market. Consumer electronics, computer peripherals, video games, solar panel, electric bicycle, organic health food extracts, and others.  Click on the Product page for more details.

Howie Asian Market Consulting is chaired by Howard Jiahwa Chen,
a veteran of international trades since 1996. Howard You can read more about Howard by clicking  here or at his photo above.

Current Clients:
Ritek USA

Shanghai Libao Cyber-Tech Co., LTD.

Dalian Furao Group

Howie's Hi-Tech Games

Please click on the Clients tab for details.
  • One stop service. We handle everything you'll need to expand to a new market
  • Fast, direct, and personal services
  • Low cost yet very reliable Services

Setting up international corporation for your company Want to expand your company's operation to America? We can help you set up international corporation or a US branch office for you.
  • We can arrange L-1 Visa for you and your staff
  • We can help you with the EB5 investment immigration
  • We can help you with the initial staffing need
  • We can help you find the right area for your new office
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